Journey To Healing Cancer Retreat Oklahoma and North Texas

Welcome to Journey to Healing

Our purpose is to improve the quality of life for those suffering, or who have suffered, from life threatening illnesses and their caregivers to focus on mental, emotional, and spiritual healing.

About the Journey to Healing Foundation

The Journey to Healing Foundation was founded in 2001. We are a 501(C)(3) charitable non-profit organization dedicated to providing a unique opportunity to experience the healing of the mind, body & spirit in a safe and tranquil setting at no cost to the survivor or caregiver. Each retreat weekend is staffed by experienced licensed counseling professionals, licensed massage therapists, trained skin and hair specialists, and an excellent volunteer kitchen crew that provide enticing and delicious healthy meals.

Some of the many activities that are offered on the weekends are the American Cancer Society Patient Program "Look Good, Feel Better" for female patients, a relaxing massage, facials, journaling, guided imagery, stress reduction, one-on-one counseling sessions, gentle movement, time for quiet reflection and meditation, and group process where attendees share their fears, find their strengths, and discover hope and inspiration.

Experience the healing power of nature in a tranquil and scenic atmosphere. Nestled in a lush 10 acre wooded setting near Lake Texoma, Journey to Healing provides a safe haven from the stress, fear and feelings of isolation that often accompany cancer. Our retreats offer insight into beliefs and attitudes that can sometimes get in the way of successful healing. Participants have an opportunity to explore the issues, choices, feelings and concerns facing them at the various stages of illness and healing.

A Special Thank You

On behalf of the Directors of the Foundation, and all those whose lives are touched by our mission, we extend our sincere appreciation for your generous support.

Journey to Healing
Retreat Benefits:

  • Overall feeling of well being
  • Improved coping skills and sense of control
  • Relaxation, Rejuvenation
  • Connection with others
  • Discovering personal strengths
  • Increased knowledge about health, illness, and self-care
Journey to Healing Outdoor Pond Trails

Outdoors offers relaxing experiences on our lush 10 acres with our fully stocked fish pond, walking trails, and romantic waterside gazebo.